About Lariat

Since its founding in 2004, The Lariat Software Professionals Corporation (Lariat) has continually expanded as a provider of the highest quality information technology (IT) technical staffing and consulting support services. Certified as an 8a, Woman-Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business, Lariat has established itself as a proven support contractor for both commercial and government clients. Lariat specializes in delivering comprehensive technology solutions across the full IT lifecycle — from design/development to conversions, operations/maintenance to data warehousing, and on-going IT technical support. Headquartered in Arvada, Colorado, Lariat provides support to its customers nationwide.


Lariat has a highly focused client-centered perspective – a unique perspective which brings both business and technical expertise to bear on client needs. As a result, our focus is on results and responsiveness -– a value-added collaborative partnership to finding practical and effective solutions that produce real benefits for our clients — quickly. Lariat professionals average 15-plus years of specialized experience. Whether building technology teams, creating turnkey solutions to technology challenges, or managing individual technology projects to successful completion, Lariat’s company strategy is to provide the best available service by stressing the proper, customized, and cost-effective application of methodologies and technologies. We know how to bring together the right combination of people, technology, and organization to consistently obtain successful results.


Lariat assists clients in meeting the demanding IT needs to successfully respond to commercial and government requirements – new applications design and development; upgrade and conversion of out-dated systems and applications; integration of multiple, evolving systems with legacy systems; compliance with emerging regulatory requirements; emergency troubleshooting of current operational issues; and on-going trusted, technical operations and maintenance support of mission-critical IT systems and processes. We provide only seasoned subject matter experts (SMEs) who intimately understand the client’s platform, processes, problems, and requirements. We provide a broad range of IT engineering and technical support from analysis/conceptual planning/design stages, day-to-day IT support, minor modification, testing/operations and maintenance, to major modification, off-normal operations, and significant development/implementation of enterprise-wide programs/systems. Lariat provides experts in all aspects of IT design, engineering, development, maintenance, documentation, security, certification approval, implementation, and maintenance. Our services span the entire IT lifecycle. As a result, we are highly astute at providing our clients with flexible, reliable, and cost-contained solutions. We have been instrumental in streamlining projects and processes, supporting our clients in implementing cost-effective IT solutions focused on compliant, secure, efficient, and sustainable performance.


At Lariat, we believe the responsibility for quality belongs to everyone. For Lariat, quality is customer-oriented, not product-oriented -- emphasizing continuous assessment, improvement, and innovation. Our Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC) philosophy emphasizes quality designed and built into our processes, rather than just quality inspected into our products and services. As a result, we stress a proactive and error-preventive approach, identifying and mitigating potential problems early, rather than solving larger problems later. Not only are we committed to quality at all stages of the project life cycle, but also to quality at all stages of interface among contractor personnel, client management and staff, and end users. Lariat uses a systematic approach, standardized, repeatable processes and industry best-practices to ensure the quality of our deliverables and services. Our quality systems meet the stringent requirements of both our commercial and government clients.


Lariat offers significant advantages to our clients for technical and professional IT support services. We bring the integrity and stability of an established company — dedicated, qualified, seasoned technical professionals the proven performance over time of a reputable small business, and the irreplaceable firsthand knowledge of customized solutions in IT design/development, operations, and on-going engineering/technical support. Lariat personnel are known in the industry for their significant accomplishments in their respective areas of expertise. As a company, Lariat is known for its adherence to the highest standards of performance excellence. Together, this means a continuing commitment to the success of services for our clients.

Lariat simplifies business and delivers value-added for its commercial and government clients by providing services through various contracting vehicles and certifications. Seamless partnering with our clients has been the cornerstone of our success and our repeat clientele. Throughout a contract, we work closely with our client to ensure that all performance expectations are known up front and are adhered to throughout the contract life. Our key relationships with multiple leading vendors has earned Lariat a reputation of excellence in the IT industry.